Hello, I'm Mini, an independent artist/writer, with creative flair in many ways.
I've been drawing ever since I got my hands on crayons when I was little, and I started my digital art journey in 2017.
I'm currently working on 3 titles, with 1 still on the drawing table!What I Do
Illustrative design, Character design, Fictional writing
What I'm Learning
ยป Comic making, 2D animation

Summary: After decades of conflicting torment, remorse and demonic nature, Kai faces the aftermath of yet another failed attempt at protecting those dear to him. Will he succeed and keep the promise made to an old friend, or will he finally end the pain and give in to fate?Language: EnglishType: NovelStatus: OngoingGenre: Fantasy, RomanceContributors: MaggieW(Cover Artist)


Summary: Ji-ho is a young boy unable to fit in with society. He pretends everything is fine, but what happens when he meets Jae-sun, an outgoing upperclassman aspiring to become a therapist? This story tells a tale that is neither pure romance, a slice of life, or drama.Language: EnglishType: Comic/MangaStatus: WIPGenre: BL


Summary: Aiden, a prince trapped in a corner of the palace, and Jae, a knight serving the king grew up alongside one another, but never expected things to take a turn, when Jae suddenly rises to the ranks following his fathers passing. The distance leaves the prince all alone dreaming of one day escaping the clutches of confinement, until one night, where Jae returns and drags him out of the palace?Language: EnglishType: Web novelStatus: WIPGenre: BL, Historical, Royal, Fantasy


Summary: N/ALanguage: EnglishType: N/AStatus: WIPGenre: Paranormal, Mystery


Yes please! VS No Thank You...

  • All gender Characters (male, female, no-genitals, Intersex, androgynous, etc.)

  • OCs

  • Kemonomimi (animal ears, fangs, tails, demon horns, wings, etc.)

  • Minor Injury/gore (we can play with torn clothes, scratches, and blood stains, etc.)

  • Mild NSFW (nudity, sensual context) This does not extend to anything too explicit.

  • Minimal background (white, solid color, small details, special effects etc.)

  • Fan Art (without permission from the IP holder it's illegal to take payment for making fan art.)

  • Furries / Anthro

  • (EXPLICIT) 18+ / NSFW / fetishes or kinks

  • Hateful / offensive content

  • Sensitive materials from a person, group, race, religion, etc.

  • Realism (real people)

  • Complex backgrounds (if in doubt reach out and ask)

Fan Art

list of IP-holders that allow artists to sell merch and commissions.


  • Genshin Impact

  • Honkai Star Rail

miHoYo has officially made it known that they allow artists to make money off of the following IP titles, so long as all guidelines are followed!For more info please visit the following links:
โ—‡ Genhsin - Important Information on Merchandising Authorization
โ—‡ Honkai: Star Rail Fan Creations Guide v1.0

*This list is subject to change! It all depends on my area of interest and the IP holders official stance on what they allow/forbid creators to do with their copyrighted content, so stay tuned!


Accepting Request โ†’ WIP1 โ†’ WIP2 โ†’ Final Version

  • Accepting Request: Means I have looked over your commission details and have all I need to commence the work.

  • Sketch Phase: 1st revision opportunity. Here you get to review the composition and details before I move on to ink and color.

  • Color Phase: Second and FINAL revision opportunity. Here you will be able to give feedback on the color vibes and note me of any changes you wish for (aka it needs more vibrant colors, less saturation, flat colors and/or shadows seem wrong).

  • Final Version: This is where you will receive the final edition of the work. At this point you will not be able to make any more changes, and if so, you'll have to order another commission in order to have it redone.

How to commission me

To get a personal commission, please send your request via Ko-Fi. Here are some standard questions for your commission you can look over before sending me a request:

  • Which commission type do you want, and how many characters do you want drawn?

  • Do you have reference for the characters you want drawn? Either images or a detailed description.

  • What do you want in the background? How complex do you want it to be?

  • What type of mood/poses do you have in mind for the characters you want drawn?

  • What is the purpose of your commission?

When I have all the information I need, I will send you an invoice with the payment information. After receiving your payment, I will start on your commission. Under normal circumstances I a lot about 1 month to finish your piece, but it's case by case. You will be notified of any changes after I start working.

This is for personal commissions only and does not include commercial rights. If you are in need of a business-related service, then please refer to my business email with a formal inquiry, thank you.